Posted by: Angela | July 14, 2006

Why Blog Now?

Here goes nothing or perhaps my path to fame and fortune. I figured I better get moving with this blogging idea after talking about it for a month. Of course, it appears that all the cool blogging women out there started writing before the whole world had a blog, when they first had their precious children, or as they started life in new place. So here I sit, adding my two cents to excess of words out there, with a daughter who is closer to four than three and seven months after moving to Montana and knocking on the door of my tenth wedding anniversary.

Least you think that I am amazing person who moved to Montana for the simple life, I am not. I am thrilled beyond words that good coffee can be had easily in Northwest Montana and that there is a Target and Borders near me should I need a big box store fix. But I do live in the country (read 9 miles outside of town) and on a dirt road.

So why start blogging? Because I can do it for free, I need an outlet for my mind, and all my friends seem to be engaged with new projects so I thought I would get one too. Of course, their new endeavors are things like new babies, leadership positions, new jobs or business. Even my husband has his new job which he loves. So here I am, no house to worry about (renting apartment), still one darling daughter, and pets.

So the birth of Attempted Motherhood, my place on the web where jihadists in Pakistan border can read my thoughts on motherhood, faith, world events, and general rants and raves.

Please be patient with me as I learn all the web stuff as I don’t know a lot about HTML and web programming etc.

Thanks for reading.



  1. I started blogging for much the same reason. It has opened up new worlds for me and brought me much personal satisfaction. I hope it does the same for you!

  2. Thanks. My first comment from someone who doesn’t even know me.

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