Posted by: Angela | July 18, 2006

Middle of Night Moments

It happened last night, one of those rare times in which I miss the baby days.  Darling Daughter got up in the middle of the night and she let me rock her for awhile.  Of course she wanted to sleep with me which I just can not do, so we rocked.  She really was a great baby at night, she only woke up once a night pretty much from the start.  I was never really sleep deprived the way that many moms are at first.  My sister curses me whenever she thinks about this.  Therefore I remember this time rather fondly. 

Darling Daughter would wake up, I would get up, and get her bottle ready.  Then we would sit in the Lazy Boy rocker and she would eat and go back to sleep.  If not, she would usually be content to be rocked and I would read or just stare into space and think.  There is the sort of weird calm at that time of day.  But of course, in due time she began sleeping through the night and I really had no idea that I would miss her waking up.  I didn’t discover how much I cherished those memories until she was well past being an infant. 

I am convinced that it is these moments that persuade women to have more children.  It probably plays some evolutionary role in the survival of the species.  But in thinking about this, I don’t want to do it over with another baby, I want to do it with her, my baby bug.  So I find myself in that place that many parents of teenagers seem to visit when they say “But they were such sweet babies, toddlers, kids!” 

I really am content with my one kiddo.  I know you never can do life over.  But I love those quiet moments when I really began to feel like a mommy. 



  1. middle of the night moments remind me also how important the job of motherhood is-it doesn’t stop when the lights go out.

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