Posted by: Angela | July 23, 2006

What I wish my necklace told people

I wish my necklace told people what I believed.

I wish that I didn’t need to wear bracelets that are rather unattractive to announce to the world the causes I support.

I wish we didn’t have to designate colors to causes just so we could support one but not another.

This is what I wish…and hope…and pray…and to the very best of my ability strive towards.

You see my necklace is a cross and I am a Christian, a Christ-follower, a traveler on a narrow path but one that anyone is welcome to walk on without regard to the color of their bracelet or their ribbon.

I want people to see that cross and know without a doubt I want to end world hunger and the AIDS pandemic, that I believe no child should be forced into sexual slavery or being a solider, that of course I support both basic and applied research into the diseases that we suffer from as humans, and as a nod to the bracelet that started it all, who really doesn’t want to live strong.

Ideally, that cross would tell you I was a Christ follower and you would know what that meant.  You would know that I believe that people should be paid honestly, that those who have should give to those who don’t have, that everyone should have access to healthy water to drink.  You would know that I want to be a peacemaker, someone who binds up broken hearts and someone who can be trust in everything, small or big.  You would know that I valued life. 

But sadly, that cross doesn’t tell you that.  It might just be a piece of jewelry.  I might believe some of the statements above but not other.  So we live in a world of colored bracelets and ribbons and hope that when someone sees them they will know what kind of person we are.



  1. well, seeing that we sell jewelry, i guess the cross could be just that, but i must make assumptions when i see one…

  2. Ahhh…but there are some of us who believe what that cross says until behavior proves otherwise. If you’ve one on as I and my wife do then I will speak to you and treat you as a believer. In spite of our current culture, I still find that wearing of a cross STILL sends a message to those who see it on your person.

    I really enjoy what I’ve seen of your little corner of the web here and will be back to visit.

    Renaissance Blogger

  3. I really dislike labeling and it’s tough when so much of our society is about dividing us into neat little boxes.

    We all have different reasons for choosing the path we’re on, and it saddens me that people assume so much from looking at one faucet of another’s life. And I’m just as guilty of doing this as the next person, although I’m trying to overcome it.

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