Posted by: Angela | July 30, 2006

Being payed for my time

I am now a SAHM with a PT job.  Does that mean I can still call myself a SAHM?  I think so considering that I will be working two days out of seven and one of those days I take my kid.  So I guess that makes her a go to work child (GTWC).  Kinda of catchy…could be a whole new category for children. 

Mother at park:  What’s with that child?

Other mother: Oh I hear she is a GTWC.

1st mother: That explains a lot.

2nd mother: Yes, I really feel she spends much too much time in the company of adults.  That makes any child feel superior to other children.

1st mother: Well, any responsible mother should think twice about making her kid a GTWC.

Okay that was random.  So onto my job.  No, I am not using my degree, any previous job experience or anything else that is supposed to be usful in getting and keeping a job.  I got this job because my husband made a joke.  You see, I was talking to J. about the feng shui of her office and she was saying that they also needed to hire someone.  I then was relaying this information to the LHM and he said that Darling Daughter would really improve the feng shui of the office and I should work there.  Then I called J. and she said seriously do you want to? I said it couldn’t hurt to ask and the next day I have a job.  So thanks so much, R.  You are awesome.  (For the rest of you who might be reading this, my boss is reader of the blog.  I might post a link to the company if it okay with her.)  I figure how many of us get to hang out in a great atmosphere with one of your best friends and bring your kid.  Not too many…especially here in NW Montana.   


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