Posted by: Angela | August 6, 2006

Things kids are handy for

You are always told when you become a parent that your kid will help keep you honest.  While you know this to likely be true, it doesn’t haunt you until your precious child(ren) hits the age of remembering, manipulation, language and drama ie approaching four.  This is the age that all the cute sayings that are forwarded to you come from, and while they are cute when they are in your e-mail box, they are not necessarily as enjoyable when it your kid.

A few examples from the Darling Daughter…

Due to climate change (Florida to Montana) and changes in medication, my skin has been a mess.  Since preschoolers spend so much time sitting right on top of their mothers, they are bound to notice this or maybe it is just my kid.  Walking into grocery store “Mommy, is that a owheey on your face.”  “No, honey”  “What is this red thing?”  “It’s just a spot.”  “Does it hurt?”  “What is it, Mommy?”  “It’s a zit, okay, we are in the store can we talk about this another time.”  “What’s a zit, Mommy?” the little angel asks as we walk to the produce section of the store and the child is finally distracted from the conversation.  Sometime later while sitting on couch and poking my face, “Is that a zit, Mommy?”  “Yes”  “Why do you have them?”  My explanation is my skin isn’t happy.  Thanks to the tremendous memory of a three and half year old, then it is stated for all the world to know at some later point that Mommy doesn’t have happy skin.  First of all the skin thing is driving me crazy because I feel like a teenager.  So I don’t really want a commentary on it from my kid.  I have also set myself up for further embarrassment because she could inform someone else that their skin doesn’t look “happy.”

Then there is the really annoying side of this honesty thing.  One day I was in a rather bad mood and had been snappy all morning.  So as I am hurrying the darling daughter out of the house, she turns and say “Mommy, you are really cranking at me. She’s right and so trying to be a good parent and model, I say “You’re right, I have been cranky with you, I am so sorry.”  and try to have a better attitude the rest of day.  But here comes the problem with taking your kid seriously, they remember.  Then they manipulate.  So now, DD says in sassy voiceafter receiving an instruction she doesn’t want to follow “Mommy, stop cranking at me.”  What’s a “good” parent to do?  You try to be honest with them and they turn it all around on you.  People complain teenagers to do all the time, but what about those preschoolers? 

By the way, telling Mommy she is cranking at you is now a punishable offense.  Forget this kids keeping you honest, I am the Mommy.  



  1. Found your site via Mothergoosemouse because I loved your comment. I love this post as well!

    Working with families with toddlers, they complain a lot about the terrible twos. When they do, I am ALWAYS thinking “You have no idea what is in store!” Four is by far the hardest age in my book (so far). Hang in there!

  2. Thanks so much for the comment. Love your site and idea behind it.

  3. By the way, I LOVE the picture on your blog! I’m assuming she is yours? Adorable!

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