Posted by: Angela | August 13, 2006

Darling Daughter’s Ear

It is truely amazing.  My darling daughter has an ear for music.  This is a very good thing as I do not.  She also likes to sing.  The LHM and I’s taste in music is all over the map and we don’t really censor what we listen when she is around. 

It is really amazing how music sticks in our heads apparently even at a young age.  One day recently, DD and I were watching something on TV and the trailer for the new movie, World Trade Center, came on and DD says, “Who does that song, Mommy?”  It is a Coldplay song, Fix You.  We had just listened to the CD it is on in the car about two days before this. 

That day we were listening to Coldplay in the car, she had wanted to know if we were listen to Sufjan Stevens.  Now if you don’t know who Sufjan Stevens, you should click here now.  I told her it was Coldplay and she didn’t believe me.  Darling Daughter does not get the band name thing. 

But the coolest thing by far is hearing your child singing the bluegrass song, I Saw the Light.   Not because of the words so much, but it’s bluegrass and she’s singing along. 

Today she identified a violin in a song, no, it wasn’t classical music.  I let Little Einsteins do that for me.  Thanks to them, DD also knows what a “ductor” (conductor) is and that they need a ductor stick.  So now you know that I also allow my child to watch TV, way too much for it.  As a subject for another post, I should tell you how DD uses TV to self-medicate. 

But on the subject of music, I just so thrilled she likes it and wants to be engaged with it.  Whenever her daddy plays guitar, it is mad search all over for her shaky things (plastic eggs with beans inside made at preschool). 

This is a lot of mommy gushing but singing beats whining any day and lately it’s been one or the other. 


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