Posted by: Angela | August 16, 2006

Why, why, why me?

It is official.  My skin is much worse at 31 than it ever was between 13-19.  It seems so wrong.  One expects certain things to go from good to bad or bad to worse.  Like your waistline following kid, hips following kid, okay any body part following kid, but your face…

I am having a terrible problem with zits everywhere.  At this to the fact that I am one of those people who has a very difficult following the advice about picking on your face and there is a disaster in the making.  All this would be okay if I could pull off looking like a early twenty-something, but I can not. 

I think that it is a hormonal problem combined with the move from a very humid climate to a rather dry one.  I stopped taking the pill about two months ago, not because we are “trying” but at my doctor’s suggestion that it might help with the headaches/migraines.  Which it has, I am not having as many daily headaches turn to migraines, but my skin…is now my headache. 


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