Posted by: Angela | August 22, 2006

Just wait until July and August

This was the reoccurring theme I heard earlier this year when I remarked upon the weather or other conditions here in NW Montana.  I have now had July and am half way through August and well…I must say I am somewhat confused.

1) I have no complaints what so ever about the weather here in the summer.  But I have spent the last 12 years living in very hot and humid places (East Texas and Florida).  However, it gets past 90 here and Montanans are wilting.  Then it is too hot.  I have even heard on occasion that it is too humid.  To the best of my knowledge there has not been a single incidence of humidity since I moved here. 

2) It’s hazy and you can’t see the mountains.  I am still not sure if this is completely normal but if you really want to see the mountains here in the Flathead Valley in all their glory, come in February and pray for sunny clear day or come in May/early June and pray for the same.  There isn’t really any clear days come July. 

3)  It is dry and there is always a risk for fires.  This means you can’t have fires in the back country in many places, at other places you have to exercise extreme cautions and in some places they are out right banned.  

4)  For the most part, all the flowers have bloomed except at high elevations.  But just along the roads on your way the grocery store, most of the diversity of color is gone unless you count the cyclists (who go for very colorful all be it not natural). 

I realize this is my first summer here.  I can only conclude that what people are referring to when they say “Wait until July and August” is the unfettered access to the outdoors.  It is rarely too hot and it is always cooler in the shade.  You don’t really have to worry about your camping, rafting, hiking trip being rained out because well it doesn’t rain all that much, just short thunderstorms. 

But I thought everyone was referring to the natural beauty of the place.  So I think I misunderstood.  Likely after experiencing a entire winter and rainy spring again, I too will say “Just wait until July and August.”

I just thought of another reason not to like August here, there is never parking in front of my favorite coffee shop because of the tourists (who totally support the economy of the place therefore I should not complain about them either).  But I hate looking for parking in a town of 6,000 people.  It just seems so wrong. 



  1. I still love your view of the world. This one made me smile. Miss you lots!

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