Posted by: Angela | August 28, 2006

Missing Pieces Causes Neurosis

Literally minutes before walking out the door to church, Darling Daughter tapped into one of the things that truly drives me crazy, missing pieces. Yes, you heard me right, missing pieces to toys, games, puzzles, measuring cups, or anything else that is supposed to have a set number of parts.

The pieces in question today were especially important. They were two animals to the Noah’s Ark play set. No it wasn’t two of the same animal, just one half of a pair in each case. Well everyone knows you have to have two of each animal (actually there were seven of some animals, but most toy companies aren’t that concerned with Biblical accuracy). I do a quick look around in her room in likely spots, but as I said we were leaving.

Now, I have tried to not be neurotic about this but I just can’t do it. I thought about it in church, I thought about it driving home, I thought about while reading David Sedaris (quite possibly one of the funniest humans ever), I thought about it while washing the dishes, and finally I gave in. Rarely is anything truly lost in my experience. So I cleaned up Darling Daughter’s room and found the missing animals in the doll/stuffed animal crate.

I know you are thinking now that I am someone who has her one and only daughter’s room completely organized in categories, that even the McDonald’s toys are all together. That is not true, the books are not in alphabetical order. But I like Legos with Legos, blocks with blocks, and Noah’s Animals in the Ark when we are done playing with them.

Some would say only someone with one child would be this neurotic. Not true…I came by this very honestly. I blame my mother who had four children, all of whom likely hate missing pieces. One day when a friend was discussing the Strawberry Shortcake dolls she had as a kid and how much her daughter was enjoying them, she brought them out for us to see. I am sure that it is completely normal that there would be missing shoes, the tights for sure, pets or clothes after twenty years. But not my Strawberry Shortcake dolls. No one believed me until I produced evidence that I still have the dolls with clothes, shoes, combs, and the tights. The response was stunned silence then the agreement that I really couldn’t help my missing pieces neurosis if I managed to make it to thirty with my Strawberry Shortcake dolls’ tights.



  1. Ok, so I recently realized I was that way about puzzle pieces-the wood ones with the knobs. Before they get put away, the pieces have to be back in the cut outs.

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