Posted by: Angela | August 29, 2006

Beyond cute

Yesterday, Darling Daughter’s daddy bought her a fishing pole and took her fishing. They left a note on the door saying “Gone Fishing” when I came home from work. I went to work today also and arrived home to the same note only they were at a different lake. I went over to the lake and hike up the side to where daddy and daughter were fishing. I almost cried, it was so cute. She would just sit there holding the pole (Scooby-Doo, by the way) and chat away. Then she practiced casting which was even more fun to watch. She was concentrating so hard. I then found out that fishing was all she talked about today. The pole even had a little fish to put on the end of line for kids to practice casting without a hook. So daddy and she practiced casting.

It is so amazing how much she likes fishing, so far anyway. Darling Daughter can focus on a given activity for quite some time if she wants too. But this is more a lifetime thing and something she can share with others like her uncle T, my littlest brother. Plus here in MT kids don’t need license to fish so after the purchase of the pole and few accessories there is no more cost. Just hanging out in the great outdoor and more cuteness in the world.

PS I would upload pictures but we are still on dial-up. But that’s about to change.


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