Posted by: Angela | September 3, 2006

A Glitch in the Matrix

You know how in the movie, The Matrix, if something appears to be a deja vu moment it was a glitch in the matrix.  Well, the mall here is that glitch.  It is a clone of the mall of my childhood in North Platte, Nebraska and I am not exaggerating either.  It is the same size (very small), same stores, same people (okay there I exaggerate). 

My mom keeps saying things like so and so store has really good sales, why don’t you go see if such and such thing is there.  I say well maybe and then I don’t do it.  Why?  Because of all the places I never want to live, North Platteis that place.  It is even before my hometown.  When I was a kid, North Platte was the big “city” we went to.  (Now you know I grew up near the middle of nowhere.)  So when I aspired to something greater, it was definitely going to be better than North Platte.  I actually managed this ascent quite well in terms of retail opportunities until I moved to Montana.  There really are not retail opportunities in Montana, that’s not what people are here for.  So I am now back to a place that is, well, North Platte.  Therefore, the mall freaks me out.  It really does, I feel like I am in a time warp.  My daughter begs to go look at the bookstore just as I used to do.  I check out all the sales racks like my mother.  It’s just freaky.  Thank you Lord there is a Target, big Borders, and decent coffee places so I can pretend that the rest of it isn’t really true. 


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