Posted by: Angela | September 6, 2006

Here I sit, there she is

Satellite TV is going to be my downfall.  I just know it.  If not that then it will be the DSL connection.  These two things allow me to do what I enjoy most: escape actual parenting and avoid anything stay at home mothers should be doing.  Now granted, many SAHM blog these days, but being raised by a SAHM I know that there are much more I could do.  For instance, laundry or baking or creative activities with my child or enjoying the great outdoors before it becomes a frozen wasteland.  Instead, I am writing away between reading about other mothers’ lives and wondering who thought up Dora the Explorer.  I think I liked it better when Darling Daughter just looked blankly at the TV when the show was asking for a response rather than the fact that she now will answer the questions.  I know that I will have to do something if she gets up and does the actions.  I know, I am unfit to parent…I have been trying to tell people that for years and even God himself did not believe me. 



  1. I have kids at the salon, talking back to Dora all the time! And they’re surrounded by other people. It’s a hoot! I’ve never paid attention to Dora till this past week. Older DS is still into Caillou, anything dinosauric and big dog Clifford!

  2. This seems to be a theme on the parent blogs today, i.e., distrations or doing things other than those things that we feel we SHOULD be doing. I’m a working mom and still struggle with the same thing. I find I have to get my priorities in order at least once a week for fear that I will someday look back on all my wasted hours surfing the net with deep regret. I was prompted by a blog entry I read earlier on the same subject to turn the computer off and claim Wednesday as “game night” in our household. We had a blast and the kids were so excited. Gonna try to save blogging and internet time until after they are in bed for the night. Maybe that will ease my mommy guilt 🙂 Best of luck to you!

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