Posted by: Angela | September 8, 2006

They are doing it at younger ages

This is a common complaint from parents whose kids are of school age, especially parents of teens and tweens.  But nearly four, come on really what do they know?  What am I talking about…well let me tell you.

Darling Daughter has appointed herself chief driver in the family.  Mind you, she is in the back seat, strapped down with a five point harness, and can barely see out of the windows.  Yet she knows or needs to know all.  It used to be a comment here or there, now it is so bad I can barely get out the driveway. 

Scene: Us in station wagon on very poorly maintained dirt road with deer meandering across the road.

DD: Mommy, why are you slowing down?

Mommy: There are deer in the road.

DD:  Why?

Mommy (to herself in head): Do you want to get out of car and ask them?

Wild turkeys and other cars ahead of us can also be substituted in above scene.

Scene:  Us in Jeep driving down street in town

DD: Why are you going so slow?

Mommy: Because you are supposed to go slowly down streets, that’s the law and you don’t want to hit some one.

DD: Well, you don’t go slow on the road with other cars.

Mommy:  Well that because different roads have different speed limits.

DD:  Why?

Mommy:  Because it is the rule.  (In head, Mommy thinking driving fast will get me out of car faster.)

Other things we need to be told while driving is to be careful if we have to brake hard, that running into to other cars is bad behavior and will wreck them.  She also questions the fitness of her parents to manage to drive places with ample time and why exactly we are driving the Escort or the Jeep.

So basically, we are incompetent and need to be instructed.  Who better than someone who can’t see out of the car and is required by law to be in the backseat?

PS: On the subject of being told things, I was also told at the grocery store that I was driving Darling Daughter crazy.  Clearly, I have said that one too many times.  Her reason for this statement, the ever popular Just because. 



  1. I got a belly laugh from this one. Though it may not be much consolation to a harried driver, I think your DD must be brilliant; and I KNOW she’s absolutely hilarious. At least, the way you see her and the world and are able to record it is hilarious. That’s quite a gift!

    I always enjoy reading along with you. Thanks for sharing.

    Oh, and thanks for the link!

  2. Why are the deer in the road? I asked myself the same questions driving home. Love the new layout and the picture is great.

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