Posted by: Angela | September 14, 2006

Why there is nothing interest here

My family is in town so I have lots of thoughts and no time to write them.  So I will wait until they leave then write stuff about them.  They all know about the blog but I really doubt any great readership on their part.  Much more later.



  1. My family all know about my blog, too, mostly so that they can see pictures and videos their mailboxes won’t hold… but, like you, I’ve yet to hear of someone actually reading it.

    ONE day, however, yesterday as a matter of fact, a neighbor mentioned in an email that she read it and liked it….YES! Then I realized that I had written about my upstairs neighbor and about how she doesn’t pick up doggie poopie. Do I have to say that they are very close? Do I have to wonder whether she found out about my ranting about her dog poopie?

    I am braced.

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