Posted by: Angela | September 17, 2006

That wasn’t so bad was it?

Well, my family just left this morning.  For us it was pretty good, no mental breakdowns, no bodily injury, no one in real trouble.  Yes, as is par for my family and traveling, my littlest brother’s car broke down near Sheridan, WY.  If you have been there or thru it, you will remember it. 

If you have, it is rather a desolate place unless you like desolate place.  Darling Daughter has been throughly spoiled with new toys and movies, including the Chocolate Factory movie she has been asking for lately (the old one, Willy Wonka).  Thanks to her uncles.  She also is very tired and sassy now.  The family dog (my parents) was spoiled by me because I let her on our couch and she slept with dad and mom at the cabin. It was rather cold and rainy while they were here.  Being from Nebraska, they hadn’t actually experienced rain in quite awhile.  Of course now it is sunny. 

We went to Glacier National Park.  We painted ceramics, which surprisingly was a big hit with most everyone (excepting Dad and he went driving around, which he really enjoys.)  We ate out and I managed to keep my mother from cooking all the meals.  I also managed to produce three meals that J. (the oldest younger brother) didn’t complain or comment negatively upon, one of which he actually ate in silence because he thought it was that good.  Can I tell you how rare that is?

I will leave you with a pic of my brothers.  Need I say more? 

Brothers with fire 



  1. It’s nice to see some pics of your brothers. You can definately tell you are related. Glad you all had a good time. I miss you and your sassiness. 🙂

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