Posted by: Angela | October 1, 2006

A day I have been waiting for…

A day that I have been waiting for since I had a child has finally arrived.  Darling Daughter wants to fold laundry.  I hate doing laundry and my mother can attest to the fact I had to help with a lot of it as a child/teen.  Obviously not as much as those with very large families but much more than any of my friends ever did, I have even folded diapers. 

I never did any boyfriend laundry, I said that a diamond was required and my husband can tell you this is true.  Even in ten years of marriage the laundry duties have been fairly evenly split.  Most of all I hate folding clothes and so with great joy, I present Darling Daughter’s first efforts (I didn’t even re-fold it before I put it away).


Freshly folded

Fresh fold laundry, not done by me, it’s a beautiful thing.




  1. I wouldn’t refold it, either. It looks great! Hey, I can’t wait for my son to look interested (he’s 19 months).

    I’ve only read your two posts so far, the one about laundry and the one about knitting. I also hate doing laundry (all the folded ones are still on top of the dryer) and I started knitting after my son, Gabriel was hatched (I make preemie hats for newborns).

    I really enjoy the knitting, but I just got involved in a book and I must finish it before I continue with my knitting. It’s a quick read, so hopefully, I’ll be done by the end of the week.

    (I am also a stay at home mom)

  2. Hey, where do I get me one of these adorable little laundry-folders???? 🙂 -amy

  3. Good for you! I’m still trying to get mine to fold laundry…it truly is the worst household chore on my list because IT NEVER ENDS!!!!

  4. It is so good to see a picture of Darling Daughter! I do believe God gave us children specifically to do laundry. Good going!

  5. She is so precious. I have a page in my scrapbook of Leah folding laundry too. Hopefully this is a phenomenon that will continue. 🙂

  6. I came across your blog through the Mary Kay sucks blog. I have enjoyed it so far! I too hate laundry..not as much washing it, or folding it..but putting it away! It tends to sit in the baskets until I absolutely have to empty them to do even more laundry!

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