Posted by: Angela | October 3, 2006

Why I am adding Mary Kay Sucks to my blogroll

Here on one of the most popular blogs is Mary Kay Sucks.  I clicked on it just because I was curious and liked the name.  I soon became a huge fan (and am spending much time reading and commenting).  Why, you (along with my husband) ask?

Here is why I think this blog is so important and useful.  Recently after much thought, I decided that I was not going to consider any multi-level marketing (MLM)/Direct sales “business” opportunities any more.  No more interviews, no more asking questions of consultants at home parties, no more listening to spiels on how I could change my life in ten hours a week.  The reason I decided this was ultimately I didn’t believe any of the stuff, it is totally not how I want to live my life or what to be known as, and finally most importantly it is not compatible with my faith.  Mary Kay Sucks blog confirmed this decision for me.   

MLMs are very seductive, especially to stay at home parents or those who wish to be stay at home parents.  There are always some people who are successful but they are not typical.  Hence the disclaimer in much of their literature that says “Results are not typical”.  You can make extra money, but you won’t likely replace your old income from your career job within two years or whatever.

Read Mary Kay Sucks.  Know that some of what is posted is unique to Mary Kay but much of it isn’t.  Look past anger and hurt and really listen to these women (and some men).  Before you criticize their angry comments, remember that while we often hear about people/companies inflating their profits, rarely does anyone inflate their debt.  Remember how hurt you are when someone betrays you, how hurt would you be if your “company” was the betrayer. 

This doesn’t mean that there are good products out there that are sold as MLM products.  I am not critizing the products (neither is MK Sucks most of the time).  I am critizing the promises that are being sold.  I believe some companies are a lot better than others and some even have products I really love.  But be warned, I am not buying the promises and no I don’t want the business opportunity. 



  1. With the right company and training and support and how to work mlm lead and don’t give up you can make it just don’t give up.

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