Posted by: Angela | October 4, 2006

I actually have a hobby

After many years of feeling like a loser when confronted with the hobby question and only having one answer (reading), I now have another.  Knitting, very basic knitting at this point, but who says you have to be good at a hobby.  You only need to enjoy it.  I wish I would have discovered knitting’s benefits like occupying hands and lower anxiety years ago, but I didn’t know any knitters.  Well like everything else my mother knows how to knit but she doesn’t enjoy it. 

And yarn…well, there is just so much to love about yarn.  The colors, the tactile pleasures, the I wonder how it will look as ______, and the I just want to own that yarn.  It’s called a stash and I am trying to keep mine in check out of respect to the LHM and the budget.

The other thing I have discovered about knitting is that most knitters have more than one project in the works at a time and it is okay.  It is rare that I am reading more than one book at a time for pleasure.  I am a start to finish person.  But with knitting, I am okay with coming and going.  It is very freeing to me.

So long live obsessions I mean hobbies.



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