Posted by: Angela | October 7, 2006

Just a few childhood memories…

As a side note here, this post has been made more difficult for me by the fact that LHM is now watching Pulp Fiction one of my favorite movies on TV.

My family did not have a TV when I was growing up.  Yes, it was because of religious reasons that may be the stuff of another post, but suffice to say the only other people/kids without TVs also attended our small church.  None of these people were in my class at school.  We also didn’t attend movies so I missed out on such landmarks of our childhood like E.T., Star Wars, Back to the Future, or The Breakfast Club (which my parents would have not let me see anyway). 

The lack of TV also meant I didn’t regularly watch The Cosby Show, Family Ties, and the show that made me think of this, The A-Team.  I did see these shows in bits and pieces at my cousin’s house or various other places.  But I was only marginally literate about the hot shows at any given time in my childhood.  It wasn’t until I was in college that I watched shows that everyone else was watching.  

But back to the A-team, I remember seeing this as a kid and thinking “Man, what a stupid show!”  So tonight when LHM surfs by TV Land and stops on the A-Team, I see about 3 seconds and I think “It’s still stupid!”.  So while, I am very bad at any trivia type game that requires knowledge of TV or movies, even now; I am a great person to have to answer the science, history, or lit questions, especially the science ones. 

Now I am going because Jules is quoting his favorite scripture on Pulp Fiction and I have a hat to get knitted.   



  1. Ha! Your post on TV’s is something I can relate to, but in a reversed kind of way. I did have TV as a kid (I loved the A-Team, btw), but I do not have one now. I really don’t miss it at all, though, I will watch it on the outside (old habits are hard to break). I do actually have at least one in storage here, but we don’t have cable, so what’s the use. I can now objectively see how addicted I was to TV. I knew every show that came on, when, and what channel. Then the next season came and I was back to square 1.

    Now, my husband doesn’t really want it in the house, and I’ve caught a lot of flack from family and friends about it. They think that he is keeping something away from me; but in reality, I am happy that I can find time to read, knit, hop on the computer, whatever. Several years back, I was so disappointed with TV’s offerings that I had stopped really watching anyway. From what I can see now, there are a couple of shows that I could get into, but not much. I do miss the History Channel, Discovery Channel, Nova, all that sort of stuff; but mainly, I miss

    the cartoons!

  2. Hi,

    You’ve come a long way…from not watching The Breakfast Club to loving Pulp Fiction :-).

    I hope you’re doing well. We miss you here in Jax. You know, the book club pretty much fizzled out after you left. So, when you get a chance, could you post some recommendations of good books? I love having something interesting on hand in case I actually get a few minutes to read.

    I’m heading up to Ohio next week, so I’ll get to see the fall colors. A real treat for us Floridians. I hope not to encounter any snow though. You never know this time of year.

    Be sure to let me know if you’re heading this way during the holidays. Take care of yourself and that beautiful little girl.


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