Posted by: Angela | October 20, 2006

Not just another birthday

Birthdays for preschoolers are not just days, they are events, a season unto themselves.  Of course, as parents we totally contribute to this but really I am still not sure where all of Darling Daughter’s extensive birthday party knowledge comes from.  I can only say that I am so thankful she has not gone to a party with a bounce house or we would be in real trouble.

DD has been planning her birthday for months now.  It has gone through all the predictable permutations: ponies, princesses, pony princesses.  That was just the cake theme.  Now we have moved to the serious details and she clearly thinks her mother does not have things together.  In my defense, I really do.  I have reserved space for her party (our apartment is very small) at a local art studio as I wanted to have an “art” party where the kids could do fun activities.  When we lived in Florida, the weather was perfect for a park party as it finally cools off in October.  But in Montana, we are approaching the beginning of winter so weather is iffy at best.  I have researched activities, talked to studio people, checked out the space, and made the invitations.  I even had DD help make the invitations in keeping with the theme. 

So we passed out most of the invitations at church on Wednesday night.  She had fun with it.  But because it isn’t a day, it is the DD birthday season, she also told everyone it was her birthday.  So they sang in her class after which she informed her teacher “it isn’t my birthday yet”.  It is truly amazing how positively people respond to a little kid telling them it’s their birthday. 

Then came the checklist on the drive home from church, first order of business the cake, what it was going to be and when we were having the cake, was there enough chairs for everyone to have cake (I am not making this up).  After I told her we were having cake on her actual birthday and ice cream and cookies at the party, she move on to the “bangy thing with candy inside”.  We had no idea she knew what a pinata was or no plans to get one.  So we negotiated that one to “Mommy will think about it” and “Maybe on my next birthday.” (Least you think she will forget this, check back next year).  Then more discussion on cookies and plates and space for everyone.  Finally about a mile from home, we thought she was done.  There was silence in the car.  Then a little voice from the backseat says “And balloons, we need balloons Mommy.” 



  1. Can’t wait to see the final product. We are looking forward to it.

  2. Having just lived through a birthday, I wish you all the best… just yesterday, 18 days past his birthday, he asked if there would be any presents in the mail. He’s also already planning “my five birthday.” Oh, and we gave in and had a pinata! Thanks for the visit to my blog!

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