Posted by: Angela | October 21, 2006


We have a new kitten.  Yes, it is important that we say kitten not kitty, I don’t know why, ask Darling Daughter.  She has been asking for a kitten ever since J. got one (and subsequently sent it home with her parents). 

Henrietta started life as a barn kitty so we weren’t sure how she would do in the house.  But she warmed up quickly and by the second night, she was sitting outside DD’s door crying while we did the nightly ritual for DD. 

I originally thought to post this because Henrietta was just sitting on my lab purring.  I think this is one of the essential pleasures of life, just sitting with a pet, no strings just joy.  But as soon as I began to type, she decided it was playtime and began climbing me to get my hair.  Needless to say, she is now off the lap, probably contemplating torturing Scout (our other older cat). 

Scout was really ticked off.  He is the original cat in the family.  There have been two other cats before now.  Zoey was cute but very destructive.  She made more messes than DD ever has and so we finally had to give her away because our house was such a disaster when we came home from work.  Then we got Neo, who became Scout’s companion.  Neo died of liver complications this spring.  It was very hard for me because he was very much my cat.  Now it’s Henrietta, and Scout is going through the learning to live with another cat again.  I think it is good for him, he was definitely getting a little neurotic.  For those of you who know Scout and ask how could he be more neurotic, he was licking all the fur off his belly.  It has slowed down in the last week.  I guess being the only cat is just too much for him.

I’ll post pics of Henrietta when the DSL is back.



  1. Ah, I very much know the joy of being with a pet. Alas, I really MUST be an old crab because even though I love pets, I don’t have where with all to accept the responsibility. Right before Gabriel (Little Drake) was born, we had two cats, one is mine, Simba, and one is Smokey, also mine, but through my dad. I say “is” because we technically still have them, but they are outside cats now. I won’t go into all the details here, but I’ll post more back on my site.

    What I originally wanted to say was that cats definitely DO have distinct personalities. You can almost see the wheels turning in their little heads. What they won’t do to get attention, oy vey!

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