Posted by: Angela | October 25, 2006

More on the Birthday Season

4th Birthday LootWell, Darling Daughter turned four yesterday.  I made the much discussed cake.  We opened more gifts than I ever got on one birthday and those gifts were only from one side of the family.  Finally she went to bed totally exhausted. 

4th Birthday CakeDD didn’t eat the cake.  I knew she wouldn’t eat it as she doesn’t like cake.  She ate some of the frosting, but I didn’t use normal birthday cake frosting, I used the kind my mom always used.  Eating Frosting and not cake

Fluffy frosting from Better House and Garden.  It’s the easy version of Seven Minute Frosting but I digress.

For the first time ever, she played immediately with the toy that I bought here, Legos.  I am always picking toys for her that either I really like or are too old for her.  Therefore she ends up playing with them only a little or years after the giving of them.  Playing with LegosFor example she is only now starting to play with Noah’s Ark playset I picked out for her first birthday.  So I was determined to do better this year.  Her daddy got her a properly sized soccer ball and we added her music collection with Laurie Berkner of Noggin fame.  She gots a few new outfits from her Nana and Grandpa along with new warm jammies.  Plus all the other gifts that Nana comes bearing whether it’s birthday season or not.

So now we have the birthday party on Saturday and the season ends for another year.  But then there is Trick or Treating so more fun will be had and we always love more candy.



  1. DD looks so grown up!

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