Posted by: Angela | October 31, 2006

Holy moment in parenting

There are moments in parenting that no one could have prepared you for in any way.  For example, the following scenario.

Scene: Darling Daughter, her mommy and daddy, lying in DD’s bed doing the nightly routine which is story, daily devotional reading, At the Close of Day prayers from the Book of Common Prayer.

Daddy: “Lord, you are in the midst of us and we are called by your Name: Do not forsake us, O Lord our God.”

Mommy is lying with her eyes closed.

Daddy pauses, long than necessary it seems to Mommy.

Mommy opens her eyes and sees this…DD handing Daddy a booger.  Yes, you read that right, booger from her nose, in the middle of prayers.

Daddy takes booger, tries to shake booger on floor, is unable to do so and ends up wiping booger on his pants.

Daddy: “Lord, you now have set your servant free to go in peace as you have promised;…”

Isn’t that how it really is when parenting?  You are trying to instill your beliefs and values in this little person and they hand you their boogers to take care of because that’s what parents do.



  1. LOL…and THAT’S what kids do too….they are SO GOOD at realizing the quotidian nature of prayer…that whole ‘pray without ceasing’ thing is viseral when we are young, it just fits and you roll with it. I love that…thanks for this reminder today. Another holy moment birthed from your writing of one…

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