Posted by: Angela | November 1, 2006

Did I mention winter?

It is winter.  It is snowed Sunday night.  The roads were very slick taking the MIL back to the airport to Missoula.  It is cold.  You can see your breath outside.  We wore coats trick or treating.  Did I mention it is cold and I am drinking coffee in total overdrive?

I am participating in NaBloPoMo.  See the nifty gun graphic on my sidebar.  What does this mean?  Well, drumroll please, I will be posting every day this month.  NaBloPoMo = National Blog Posting Month, thought up by and sponsored by Fussy of  See her site for further explanation.  I thought it would be a good exercise for me, as I was not going to be participating in NaNoWriMo.

Darling Daughter and her trick or treat lootOn another note, Halloween candy.  I read about a gazillion posts and questions etc in the mommy blog world on what people were doing with their children’s Halloween candy.  My answer, we are going to eat it.  Since in this house there is one child to two adults, the odds are in the adults’ favor.  So I say, send your child out to beg for chocolate, then eat it yourself.  I know, I have no self discipline and a very high tolerance for sugar and a child that sugar doesn’t make go crazy.  She is currently eating some Nerds.

As a side note, does anyone else find it odd that the spell checker in an editor for blogging does not recognize the word blog?



  1. Yep! I noticed that about the spellchecker! It also doesn’t recognize the word “internet”… I am pretty sure. I had another problem and had to contact support and while I was at it, just HAD to mention that. I was told that they know all about it and will have it fixed, but there are (obviously) more important priorities floating around.

    Love your post about the candy. My thoughts exactly! Only we went to a church party and missed out on all the local candy. Wrote about the party but for some reason, it got deleted probably because it took me a long time to type and upload pics. I simply cannot/refuse to rewrite something that will burn out my brain because I try to replicate every single word… Poof! No more brain!

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