Posted by: Angela | November 2, 2006

I just don’t understand…

Some things truly escape me. I just don’t understand them.

The story that inspired this train of thought is here. It is a story that was on NPR’s Morning Edition titled Parents Search for Season’s Hot Toy. I don’t get the “hot toy” phenomenon. Who decides these things? Actual kids?

The story talked about people camping out at a Toys R Us for the new Tickle Me Elmo Extreme, and the game systems from Sony and Nintendo. Well, the Sony Playstation III makes a little more sense for gamers but for everyone else, well get a grip. Why on the earth do we as parents go to such lengths to give our kids the same Christmas gifts as everyone else? Really, who are they going to be jealous of then?

No in all seriousness, I think parents have really bought into some sick marketing ploy. Most of these toys that make the hot toy list are rather expensive for what they are and are not the kind of toys kids play with day in and day out. They don’t have staying power like Legos or markers. They don’t bring families together like fun board games or even a good movie. Most of the toys aimed at the age group that my daughter occupies aren’t even cuddly.

So you know what Darling Daughter is getting for Christmas and it isn’t any toy that is considered hot. Likely she won’t play with it anyway, so maybe I will just get her more books. They are something we both enjoy, I enjoy picking them out, she enjoys looking at them, and we like to read them together.



  1. Hi Mommy…
    I listen to public radio all day long and I remember that story and I “can” believe that parents have bought into it.

    As I’ve said before (though this is the first time in this forum)…. People are sheep, mindless sheep. I hope I didn’t insult the cuddily kind!

  2. Amen to that sister! I wonder about the people that even think up some of the toys. If parents were the heads of toy companies then toys like tickle me elmo would have never been invented.

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