Posted by: Angela | November 4, 2006

Just when you starting thinking to yourself

Literally, the moment I sat at the computer and thought “How long will it be before she decides to cut her hair with those scissors”, I hear the distinct sound of hair being cut. Witness the results:

Hair chunk & offending scissors

Maybe if I hadn’t thought to write a post on Darling Daughter using scissors finally at four, she would not have cut her hair. But honestly, I think that it is rather unlikely. Most mothers have the stories of their children and the first time the darlings used scissors on their own hair. I know my mom has stories for all four of us. I know the my youngest brother’s resulted in hairs that stood up on the very top of his head. The other two siblings were variations on the missing hunks of hair, I am pretty sure. My personal story resulted in bangs. I had very long hair as a child and no bangs. I decided in 2nd grade I wanted bangs, so I cut them. If memory serves me, it would have better to just ask Mom. But I had bangs into high school, it was the 80s after all.

I can’t really tell where Darling Daughter cut the hair from. I think it is from her bangs but she hasn’t had her hair combed yet today and she usually has pretty spectacular bed head. I think that this may make me a little more of real mom. Now I have a hair cutting story about the day I was going to post about the possibility of hair cutting when the dreaded incident occurred.



  1. Which is a good story.

    I cut my own hair too. When I was about ten. And we were at a house today with a girl who had cut OFF all her hair. She looked cute, though. So it could have been worse.

    Here via the NaBloPoMo randomizer…

  2. I missed out on that rite of childhood. One of my sisters did cut the bangs off of my My Little Pony in preparation for her own hair cut. Good times! I am hoping my boys do not indulge.

  3. No didn’t cut my own hair, but I do remember painting my entire left arm with red nailvarnish!

    Perhaps you could keep that little lock of hair in a diary for her, with copy of your post too.

  4. My son once put vaseline on his hair. He thought it was gel. I called a beauty shop because I had no idea how to get it out. Water wouldn’t work (grease & water?) They told me to wash his hair with shampoo only (no water) lather up and wipe with towel. So that’s what I did over and over again. It took forever! Looking back now, I should have just laughed. Poor little guy was just trying to be stylish.

  5. Love any story to do with kid hair cutting. Our first weekend open at the salon we got a phone call from a distraught mom, whose daughter had just done what DD did but with much worse results. Like 6 inches chunked off really long hair. She got a great bob as a result.

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