Posted by: Angela | November 5, 2006

Can’t we use this money for something else?

After hearing this morning on Weekend Edition Sunday, that an estimated $2 billion is being spent on campaign this election season, I decide there were many ways I could use that money more wisely.  Someone is making money on this whole campaign advertising deal and I am fairly certain that they don’t care who wins in the end either.   We are talking GNP of small nations here.

I know there are many suggestions how to curb this spending spree on advertising.  I have my opinions on how I would take care of it.  But I know most reading this little bit of political punditry could think of at least a handful of ways to spend $2 billions to improve this world and not a single one would involve advertising on TV.

Besides, I am being subjected to an unholy amount of Conrad Burns vs. Jon Tester commercial while I watch my shows on network TV, makes me thankful I don’t still live in Texas or Florida.



  1. I agree with you! It’s times like these that I am glad that I don’t have a tv around. I listen to public radio during the day and the only times I hear a campaign commercial is when they are analyzing it. I think that there should be a cap on monies used in getting their “message” out and that it should be equal across the board to accommodate the little guy who wants to run but is voiceless because he has no money.

  2. Look on the bright side. The $2 billion is being spent in your state, so it has to be helping someone, right? I’m sure most of the money is wasted, but at least some of it goes to employ people in the area.

  3. I have that thought all the time.

    Here in Seattle they spent $650,000 on 10 high tech toilets that now only attract prostitutes and drug addicts.

    They also spent at least $200,000 to paint the words “Metro-natural” on the top of the Space Needle as part of a new marketing campaign. Most of it washed off several weeks later in the rain storms!

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