Posted by: Angela | November 6, 2006

Harder than I thought it would be

I am sure many participating in NaBloPoMo will saying “this is harder than I thought it would be” at some point in the month. Of course, I have only been posting every day since Nov. 1st, I am not sure how real bloggers do it, especially bloggers who offer research and analysis. But then I can’t figure out how people make real money blogging or become somewhat famous blogging, so what do I know? Just so any readers know, I have no expectations of becoming famous or making real money (real money = enough for my family to live on).

So today I only had fragments of thoughts, here they are.

1) Christmas comes faster if you are planning to knit gifts because you can’t wait until the last minute.

2) It rained all day and was very gloomy and soggy. My hair was very happy, it just isn’t getting used to the drier conditions and lack of humidity.

3) I could start a weekly blog topic spun off of NPR’s “This I Believe” series of essays. I wonder if calling it “This I believe” would be copyright violation. I suspect the answer is yes, so I have to think of other title.  Here is where you can read those essays.

4) My husband does a better job of teaching things to our daughter. He says I do too but it seems so much easier for him.

5) Housing prices seem to be leveling off around here. Is it for real or just the approach of winter? Either way it could be good for us combined with interests. Should we do it?

Well, that’s my post for the day. Tomorrow maybe I will be able to tell you if I helped bring a Democratic majority to the Senate.



  1. i think you should just blog when you want too- but then again, i just found you through the randomizer, which i just found.. lol

  2. I love this series when I can catch it! It’s the “Everyday Word”… coming from regular, everyday people.

    As a new title, how about: “This I Know”? or maybe you’d want to accentuate the “Believe” part. In any case, I know that you will come up with something good.

    Yes, teaching things to my son comes easier to my husband, too, I think. He is teaching him to bless himself already and I just saw last Sunday that my son knows the first part already… so cool. Maybe it’s that they have more patience? I know that I don’t have as much as my hubby… but Gabriel does pick up some things from me, but it’s not me actually teaching him.

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