Posted by: Angela | November 7, 2006

Rock a bye baby

My absolute favorite thing about having a baby is rocking the baby. I very reluctantly gave up rocking Darling Daughter to sleep at night, mainly because she wasn’t going to sleep. It took me even longer to stop rocking her at nap time. At times when my friends were just putting their toddlers in bed for a nap, I rocked her. Some days I thought to myself, why did I set it up this way? But then came the day when rocking at nap time didn’t work either. So now, I just content myself with rocking when reading or watching TV or just sitting.

As can be seen, I can reminisce about this subject easily. I have always contended that the reason people have more babies is that somehow they forget the hard parts and only remember their favorite parts. Now I am doing that too.

At dinner tonight, we were listening to CD that I rock DD to a lot. I wasn’t big into baby music, it is a college rock type CD. I told her that I had rocked her to the CD. Then I asked DD if she remembered me looking her to sleep. She looked at me really funny. I then said to my husband I really missed rocking her and then made a remark along the lines of “Now I am doing it too. I can’t believe it.” Then DD piped up and said, “Mommy, you are talking like a grandma.”

Boy, that girl knows her grandma talk, reminiscing about baby days.



  1. I love rocking my babies too. My second one would have no part of the whole rocking thing quite early on and that made me super sad. He is easy to get to sleep so there is a trade off.

  2. I fondly remember rocking, too… Gabriel has a miserable cold right now, so I am getting to rock him to give TLC… I am loving it… he’s getting better, so that will stop soon, but I love your idea of doing it at times other than for bedtime.

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