Posted by: Angela | November 9, 2006

Words and explanations for 4 year olds

Here is a list of the words Darling Daughter has asked recently and I have attempted to explain:

Vote (courtesy of Dan Zanes’ reminder e-mail)

Revolution (song on David Crowder CD)
Lawmaker (NPR)

We have also talked about people being imprisoned for their beliefs and how that is not right. (courtesy of a photo of a Tibetan prisoner belong to my boss, my boss is active in organizations that work with displaced Tibetans.)

And she took her children’s church assignment about purchasing canned goods for the food bank very seriously and had great fun choosing items when I finally took her to the store.

So all and all, not a bad week learning wise, oh and she can somewhat reliably recognize the letter D (her dad taught her that).



  1. Children are a gift to challenge and refine and bless us!

    God bless
    Maria in the UK

  2. Wow, that’s awesome! She sounds like a wonderful kid and one very interested in the world around her. I can’t wait until mine is talking more and asking questions!

  3. wow this site sucks… like stop talking about pointless things

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