Posted by: Angela | November 10, 2006

Money matters

I have come to the conclusion there are better times than others to be lacking in money.  There is the obvious pre-child vs. post-child.  There are arguments for being in school with no money and the whole poor early marriage stage which my MIL refers to as “Early American Garage Sale.”  But in Montana, it is better to be poor in the summer than in the winter.  Why you ask?

Well, in the summer there are so many outdoor activities to do as well as free festivals, farmers’ markets, etc to wander about in.  But once it gets cold, the great outdoors becomes less appealing to me.  Staying warm and winter sports are not cheap propositions.  I need a pair of insulated hiking boots (I have snow boots but I need something warm and more all purpose) and some snow pants (because Darling Daughter will want me to play in the snow when it comes).  I just don’t enjoy being both cold and wet.

I often thought by this point in my life I would be done feeling like this about money.  I had hope somehow I would just have money.  If not having money, then I would be at peace with not having money.  Unfortunately, neither seem to be true at the moment.  I am somewhat more at peace with less money than I had hoped for.  Choosing to be a SAHM, you have to do that.  I couldn’t realistically say to my husband go make up for my salary too.  So that I know we chose this lifestyle.  Most days I am okay with it.  Today, I am not especially since it is November and it’s snowing outside.



  1. Ah… I am going through the same thing, Mommy. I am mid forties (almost 46) and I am definitely not at peace about not having money. Pre-baby, my salary was not the best, but it was loping along, slowly upwards. Now it’s down to zero… not easy.

    Plus, today I was SO CRANKY about the fact that my DH will have to work tomorrow, Sunday, screwing me out of an opportunity to get out a little, by myself. It will be double time for him, so more $ for us, but I feel so deprived of me time, as it was manipulated more than once last week and nights we planned that I was going out, he had to work.

    We are lucky here that the winters are mild, for the most part, but I hate cold. I used to like and prefer cold over hot… I still do, but I “get” cold very quickly. I will be doing a lot of free stuff at libraries around here with my son. He is still a bit young for that, but they do have programs around for toddlers. Do you have anything like that where you are?

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