Posted by: Angela | December 13, 2006

Pretend play, science lesson, and potentially napping…

I came up with a new game today. Actually I was joking around but Darling Daughter latched onto to my jest for real.

DD was pretending to be a bear and she said I was a fox. I was lying on the floor at this time and I rolled over and said that I was hibernating. Being a science person, I find biology ideas make for fun play and silliness. DD decided she was going to hibernate and went to find a cave in our bedroom. Then her father came into the bedroom and asked her what she was doing. She told him, “I’m a bear and mommy is a fox and we are hibernating.” He then realized that I was just avoiding really being a fox and was lying on the floor waiting for lunch to cook. Brilliant…pretend play, science lesson, and parenting break all in one.

Least you think I am crazy, following lunch, DD started crying when informed she was taking a nap and not playing “hibernation.” Try it sometime.



  1. Wow, I wonder if that will work with older kids…hmmmm….

  2. Love it! My new thing is taking a book into the bathroom while my son is takes a bath. Hey, “somebody’s” got to watch him!

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