Posted by: Angela | December 23, 2006

Coming full circle with Santa

When I was in first or second grade, I told April Anderson there was no Santa and she was stupid to believe in him and made her cry.  Her house was the next one after my house on the bus route and needlessly to say, her mother called mine rather upset that her daughter exited the bus crying.  It then became a proud family tradition that all my siblings carried on.  We were not a Santa believing family.

However, my husband comes from a Santa family although he says he doesn’t remember really believing in Santa.  So we had the classic dilemma, to Santa or not, when we had DD.

We went with Santa.  This year, DD, who shows all signs of being someone who decorates her entire house for Christmas including the bathroom, has been very interested in Santa.  It is very much the sort of story that appeals to four year old imaginations.   How is he getting in the house?  How does he know where we live?  Where does Santa live and has anyone ever been there?  I have not really been all that explicit with my descriptions, but between stories, songs, other people and Noggin she is pretty much up to speed with all the Santa stories.

Today, she was watching Noggin and on one show the characters left chocolate milk and cookies.  Turns out Santa really like chocolate milk, just like DD.  So her non-Santa mommy has agreed to further the Santa story and let her leave out some chocolate milk and the cookies we baked today.  Yes, I will drink the milk and leave cookie crumbs for her to find.

Interesting side note:  Santa is real, but Rodolph as much as we like the song is imaginary according to DD.



  1. How did she do with Santa? Hope you had a relaxing holiday season!

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