Posted by: Angela | January 30, 2007

Hopefully getting back to posting

Well, it really helpful when your dashboard of your blogging site informs you that it was “a while ago” since you last posted or someone commented. Of course there is always disgusting comment spam but there is Akismet for that.

I am trying to wrap my brain around being home and the thought that moving to a bigger place may be an option. Although an option with some serious drawbacks the largest of which is the place is located 45 minutes from town and coffee. Of course, I am not sure that my budget would necessarily see that as a drawback. What will I do with all the saved latte money, let’s see, how about buy more yarn?

I went to California with serious intentions of knitting a lot. I did get a few things done. My MIL’s scarf turned out great, in large part due to beautiful yarn. I picked up some clearance fun yarn and knitted a scarf for one of my SIL on US 15. It also turned out pretty well and she really liked it. But still I came back with more yarn than I left with. My MIL had picked up some random stuff at a yard sale. It isn’t all stuff I would pick up, but I thought I might make some doll things for DD’s new doll. I thought maybe a tiny sweater would be the way to start. But no felted baby booties, no more socks and J. gift is still going on.

I have never spent this much time with all of my in law family at once. Usually it is smaller chunks or just few of them at a time. It was interesting and sometimes enlightening. It is rather frightening to watch my FIL and see my husband in the future. It is crazy to listen to MIL and FIL converse on something that is tension between them and realize how oddly similar it sounds to conversations that have or may occur in my own house. Of course I have also had this sensation when in my parent’s home and so it is true in many ways, we marry our parents and we become them in time. But I can also say that on many important points LHM and I as a couple differ from both sets of parents.

I feel much better than when I left Montana, maybe three weeks of nearly constant sunlight and few trips to the beach did the trick. LHM’s parents wants to make this a yearly tradition and I agree that it could possibly work well now that I live in winter.

DD had a wonderful time and is now lamenting the return to the reality that life doesn’t revolve around her and her cuteness. Which translated means no one is always available to read to her, please and thank yous must be used consistently and meals will not be catered. I am sure she will adjust but my life will be just that much more challenging until it does. Oh and her cousin can now once again be the center of attention, he was getting tired of her cuteness too.



  1. I Love you girls



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