Posted by: Angela | February 11, 2007

“Find your own husband”

I know this is normal for little girls, but is it normal for mommies to be very annoyed when their daughters keep insisting they are going to marry their daddies. This isn’t a one time comment, it is an on-going discussion culminating in this discussion…

Me: Are you [Darling Daughter] going to keep living with us when you grow up and marry Daddy?

DD: No, I am going to take Daddy and you can find your own husband.

Really, I am pretty sure I already did that, did not really enjoy the process and don’t care to repeat it.

Other things that I recently discovered. DD pays way too much attention to commercials.

After an Always menstrual pad commercial for a pad with a wipe with a tag line about being clean…

DD: We need some of those, Mommy?

Me: Why do you think we need some of those?

DD: It is good to be clean.

Bless her little heart, she did also declared I need diamonds for Valentine’s Day after repeated viewing of jewelry store commercials.


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