Posted by: Angela | February 20, 2007

If I just lay here, will you lie with me…

The reason I enjoy Grey’s Anatomy so much is that it does an excellent job of dramatizing an ongoing conflict in my life. This conflict is how do you continue to purse a dream/goal when life itself intrudes upon that dream. We have this plan and then we meet someone worth living life with, we have a baby, someone gets sick or dies. Then the plan must be altered or we have to sacrifice that someone on the altar of the dream. I have found that usually we alter the dream and obviously that is the conclusion of the writers of Grey’s also.

At the end of the day, we want someone to live life with us. We want someone to lie down beside us and forget the world. But at the same time, those dreams feed our souls, they make us. Often our passion for those dreams and our pursuit of them are what brings people into our lives and sets up the conflict. Can it be resolved?

In America it seems we are in a constant pursuit of “balance.” We want to balance the dream with life happening. But I don’t believe it can be balanced. Everyone will sacrifice one love from another. Women will leave careers to stay home with babies, others will delay babies or marriage or even significant relationships for the pursuit of that career. Husbands will work at horrid jobs to put wives through school. Parents will give up sleeping late on a Saturday after a long work week for a early morning soccer game. We move across countries for jobs or school leaving families far behind, contenting ourselves with seeing those people who are bound to us by biology once or twice a year at best. You can’t have it all. It isn’t possible and I am not sure it is even desirable.

Do we really want life to be simple? Because if life were simple, there would be no Grey’s Anatomy or it would be cancelled by now. There is no drama or humor in a simplified life. In the end it is just boring, dull and well…lifeless.


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