Posted by: Angela | February 23, 2007

Caffeine, thankfully it’s legal

You know that you have likely consumed over your daily limit of caffeine when you get the slightly twitchy extra heart beat thing going.  It seemed to be a good idea this morning when I had stuff to do and was at my usual February lack of energy self.  But now, well let’s just say if you look closely, I might be vibrating.

My caffeine consumption always goes up in the winter.  First because I am a lover of hot drinks especially coffee and second because I just lose steam without sunlight.  In fact there is usually a direct correlation between amount of sunlight and how much coffee I consume in a day.  Not always, just usually.

I don’t remember a morning without coffee.  It was always available in my house growing up and I started drinking it regularly in high school.  My mom has pictures of me sitting on my dad’s lap as a little kid with a cup in my hands.  All of us have memories associated with coffee and grandparents.  Coffee was that beverage that went well with breakfast and at coffee breaks with cinnamon rolls or coffee cake.  It filled thermos and mugs to be drunk while working the corn field.  It greeted my dad coming in from changing the irrigation water or calving cows.  Now days it fuels the drive to work for my parents.  It is a crisis situation when the coffee pot gives up the ghost at my parent’s house.  I think my mom keeps a back up so that my brothers don’t implode (of course, they could just move out and get their own coffee pots) if the current one happens to die.

I would love to say I could function without caffeine, but I really have no idea.  What I really must say is that I have no desire to give up coffee itself.  I love to sit with a warm mug in my hands.  It is easier for me to believe life will be okay.  Strange how important a food or drink can be, how much significance can be attached to it.  Much of the time I drink the coffee because I enjoy the taste and smell, but today it was for the caffeine and  I overdid it.  So maybe I will cut back just a bit, just maybe…



  1. I love everything coffee. I even put it in my hot cocoa, or make half coffee, half hot chocolate. I love to spend nights in Starbucks or a cafe of a book store and hang out all night and knit, read or whatever… always with a hot cup of java by my side. I am on the prowl for a machine that grinds the beans before it brews… ah, it won’t be long before my current Mr. Coffee has an “accident”…. oops!

  2. Boy, can I identify with you! So much so that my husband and I opened a coffee shop five years ago. As a result, my coffee consumption has tripled. Imagine free coffee, espresso, smoothies, every day of the week! Hmmmm…maybe that’s where all the extra pounds came from….

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