Posted by: Angela | March 19, 2007

Mud and Fire

Ahhhh…Spring is coming to Montana. The snow is melting, it is mostly melted in the valley but the mountains are still white. There is still snow under the trees, but each day it gets smaller and smaller. Where there is melting snow, there is another harbinger of spring…mud.

Yes, here in Montana it is really the mud season. The mud season goes right after winter and right before spring. If you live in town, the roads are dry and you can safely wash your car. But if you live on a dirt road, it is still an exercise in futility (as it is all winter long). But the mud means the ground is warming up. It is a messy process, but it smells so good. However, I am sick of mud on my pants after getting out of the car.

The true sign of spring in northwest Montana is fire. This sounds like very strange. But it is true. It starts warming up and the snow uncovers burnable stuff and Montanans burn it. I drive to work and see smoke drift upward. This is ironic on so many levels.

1. Fire season can be rather brutal here. We have burn bans for most of the summer.

2. Burning releases carbon into the air. Carbon contributes to global warming. Global warming melts glaciers. There are glaciers melting in northwest Montana in Glacier National Park. (Check out the e-hike feature on the GNP site, I know the guy who makes them.)

In any event, I feel much more hopefully when I know flowers are blooming or about to bloom.


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