Posted by: Angela | March 27, 2007

Robin Hood – What’s not to love?

I may have found a new show to watch religiously (other than Grey’s), Robin Hood on BBC America. I have only seen one episode but really how can you not like the story of Robin Hood.

As I was watching the show on Saturday I got to thinking about why I like the story of Robin Hood so much. I loved the movie with Kevin Costner when it came out when I was in high school (it is the only movie I have loved with Kevin Costner). Then it hit me, it’s a epic tale. I like it for all the same reason my daughter likes Dora the Explorer. Allow me to explain…

Epic stories always have elements of adventure as well as love. They almost always make awesome movies in the right hands, witness the Lord of the Rings series. They appeal to all ages and both sexes.

The noted contemporary Christian author John Eldredge talks about this a lot in his books. The place of epic stories in our lives especially spiritual lives is an undercurrent in all Eldredge’s books and his ministry. While I don’t always agree with everything Eldredge talks about, I find myself nodding my head a lot when reading his books. Disclaimer here: Even though I am a Christian, I rarely read books specifically written by Christian authors for Christian readers published by Christian publishers. I also rarely read nonfiction that “good for me” or some how to spur growth in my life. So for me to talk about this type of book is unusual. End Disclaimer.

Having a preschool aged child only makes the importance of stories more obvious. As I thought about the place of epics and why we love them, I realized that oddly that Dora the Explorer tapped into the epic. Dora goes on a journey, an adventure. She has trusty companions (Boots & Backpack = Merry Men). As annoying as the show is, DD loves it. Upon further thought, I realized that many of the children’s programs that DD loves can all be described as adventure epic stories. It is truly a universal theme.

All very interesting food for thought…maybe more thoughts later, but I am all written out and sock knitting is calling.


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