Posted by: Angela | April 5, 2007

At home

Home sweet home! I came home to Nebraska for a few weeks. Everything here is pretty much in the same state it has been for awhile. I guess I should be happy because it seems to be maintaining a stable sort of general badness, not rapid decline into the pits. The anxiety level is not too tangible, either that or I am much more medicated, or maybe just not worrying about it all as much.

I thought I might blog a little more here, but my grandparent’s computer seems to hate the WordPress site and I can’t figure out why. The irony of my grandparents having broadband access but no TV is not lost on me, but I feel to blah to expound on it at the moment.

Darling Daughter is re-discovering the joys of cousins and family has brought out her latent competitive gene. She is so rarely competitive that I kind of want to encourage it but unfortunately her cousin is bigger than her and it will just end badly. So we are encouraging cooperation instead. Getting along with people is so over rated.

Well, I should go rescue my sister for the four year olds.



  1. Broadband but no tv? That is something to ponder. I can’t wait to hear you “expound” on that one 🙂

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