Posted by: Angela | June 20, 2007

As you might have suspected…

Turns out I am allergic to fun. No you say. Well how do you explain me returning from the first overnight away from child and with husband with a massive case of hives? Since I don’t really know what caused my immune system to freak out. I am going with the fact that I had fun.

We left the small girl with friends and headed to the big city, Spokane, for a show featuring Glen Phillips (once of Toad the Wet Spocket fame), Sean and Sara Watkins (of Nickle Creek), Grant-Lee Phillips (once of Grant-Lee Buffalo fame & Gilmore Girl fame), and Luke Bulla (who doesn’t have a site, but is an amazing fiddler player). It was absolutely fabulous and sorry to say if you didn’t see these people somewhere on the West Coast in the past few weeks, you missed it altogether.

We had meals at resturants that didn’t involve me coaching someone to actually eat the food I was paying for, we wandered through a real mall and I found out that the sight of an actual children’s shoe department greatly excites me. Those who live in more rural areas will know what I mean when I say that it is ridiculously difficult to find shoes for your kids if you don’t want to shop in discount stores and your child has an equally ridiculous small and skinny foot for her age.

On the way home, I had a weird scratchy spot on neck/head. Then I was itchy all night, then in the morning, well let’s say it wasn’t pretty. After enduring children’s church and buying Benadryl,  I itched my way through Sunday and into Monday when I went to the doctor.

The diagnosis was an acute case of hives, cause medically unknown. But we do know the truth, it had to be that I had real fun for the first time in a long time.



  1. Glad to hear you had fun! Sad to hear about the hives. Been there, done that, not fun! Your going to the mall excitement brings to mind our excursion to the avenues to walk the mall to induce my labour (which actually turned into sitting on our behinds getting makeovers 🙂
    Still miss you guys!

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