Posted by: Angela | June 23, 2007

1st Three Letter Word

As far as I can tell, children learn to spell/read/write three letter words first. Usual suspects are things like C-A-T or D-O-G or maybe G-O-D. But not for us…

Getting out of the car (also three letters) to go for lunch at the Coffee Traders

Daughter pointing to sign: Mom, I know those letters.

Me: You do? What are they?

Daughter: B…A…R  What does that spell, Mom?

Me: It is spells “bar”

Daughter: Oh

Later that evening

Daughter gives paper to her dad: Look what can I spell, Daddy?

Dad: B-A-R

What do you say to this? We suggested other uses for the word bar like candy bar. But as my boss said, BAR in large easy to read lettering is a very common sign in Montana.



  1. Maybe she’s going to be a lawyer?

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