About The Mommy

I am a stay at home mom and wife.  My family currently lives in the Flathead Valley of Northwest Montana.  I have been married for nearly ten years.  My only child is a 3 year old daughter.

My husband works as a pastor at a theraputic boarding school. 

My daughter spends her days looking cute, singing, pestering me, and doing all the normal three year old things.

I started a career in research science and still hope to work in some sort of research again.  However, my interest varies widely.  I love news, especially NPR.  I am one of those people who say “I heard this story on NPR…” 

Our family also includes one cat, Scout, and one rabbit, Hoppy aka Mr. Cassidy.



  1. Hey,

    How are you doing? CJ’s just had surgery and is recovering nicely. J. has his tonsils our on the 20th.
    I was talking to S. the other day and we where saying how much we miss you. Just thought I would share that with you. She shared your blog with me. She says when she reads it it is so much like you she feels you are here.

    Will you be coming for a visit at all? I know money and time would be a factor.
    What is your job?
    I think that fishing story is so cute. I have been trying to get K. to take J. I guess I will have to get the MOPS moms together and do it. I have no idea how to do it. This way I can at least get a laugh watching others in my same situation. HA!
    Well gotta go.
    Miss ya,

  2. Hi! You are missed here and I think of you often. We are running the coffeeshop which has turned our lives upside down, but it is amazing at the same time. Ijust wanted to say a quick hi before I run off and do some numbers for the shop. But I am an NPR junkie too. It’s so funny cuz John and I won’t see each other all day but we can discuss the same news items from NPR. Anyway..say hi to your family. I really hope you are happy out there,

  3. Your blog is gorgeous – and AG is adorable as always. Can’t believe you’ve become a knitter — oh the fun we could have had, stalking the yarn selection at the JoAnns! You’ll have to post your creations, and you should also check out knitty.com – it’s a great ezine for knitters – very hip, very caffeinated. Miss you! Even had my mom call you when she was in Whitefish last month.

  4. Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog! Yes, I’m in Omaha. Never been anywhere else, so I envy you, living in wild Montana. Gee, they have MLMs there too? lol! You’ve learned a good lesson, just say NO! I can’t take the credit for those pics though, I can’t get rid of other people’s Flicker on my blog. I’m a techno misfit.


  5. Hello, I got a note that you wanted to talk to me. I am Chaparral on Pink Truth. Don’t worry about it, and my apologies for getting upset. I hope you can understand.

    Nice site.

  6. I like NPR too. 🙂

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